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…Thank You to all who are here, who were here, who passed by, who stayed, to all who in countless (un)known ways made the world around them a more Beautiful Place !

Welcome 2013! May you be a Year of Blessings, in whichever form they might appear, of health, small joys and big joys, wider opened eyes -to see more of the beauty of this world and of its people !

May you all be Well, share Goodness and Beauty around you and have them inside as well, and let’s just enjoy this Beautiful Life !!!

Happy New Year ! La Multi Ani !


ps. this is my 413 posts …

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It’s a season of renewal, a time for reverence for many.  I’m grateful for a writer’s wandering mind in spring.  I’m re-imagining everything !

Happy Passover , Happy Easter  and

Happy Palm sunday

for all my friends who celebrate !


and a little Mendelssohn spring song


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… for all my americans friends…HAPPY THANKSGIVING !

… I watch Muppets make a come back to the big screen. Most importantly, I’ll be giving thanks (because that’s what we do before expecting gifts from Good Old Saint Nick) for all the beautiful things this life has given me; for  my children who make me proud, all the amazing people I’ve met and the gracious opportunities and experiences I’ve had the luxury of making this year.

Thanksgiving is slowly becoming a more cherished holiday of mine over Christmas for the simple fact that it’s a time for being grateful and for sharing that with the people you love. Plus, it’s kinda fun to root for an underdog. I’d love to see the  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade , but hey, that’s just me. Happy Thanksgiving!



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