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It was an absolutely crazy idea, but it could be done.

My father-in-law had done it before, and he was the one that convinced my dad and I to do it with him and a friend. A four man team, crossing the Grand Canyon, North Rim to South Rim in one day. It would be like walking a marathon, but through the Grand Canyon. I trained for a few months before, running stairs and preparing my knees. Physically I knew I would be fine, but I was trying to figure out the photo aspect of it. You can’t cross the Grand Canyon and not take photos (especially when you’re a professional photographer).

I decided to walk all 24ish miles with my Canon 5D strapped around my neck, with a lightweight 50mm 1.8 lens. That’s it. It was first and foremost a hike, and we had to keep walking. I didn’t…

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  •  Daca as fi fost apa, mi-ar fi placut sa fiu izvor . Mereu un inceput  proaspat . Daca as fi fost pamant, mi-ar fi placut sa fiu lut . Sa ma pot modela mereu . Daca as fi fost lumina , mi-ar fi placut sa fiu Aurora Boreala . Sa ma topesc in jocul ei racoros. Daca as fi fost anotimp, mi-ar fi placut sa fiu toamna . Sa am   toata bogatia anului. Daca as fi fost numar, mi-ar fi placut sa fiu 7 si 21 . Sa ma  pot imparti la trei . Daca as fi fost camp , mi-ar fi placut sa fiu un camp cu flori salbatice . Sa  pot alerga  desculta dupa soare si stele si luna. Daca as fi fost piatra pretioasa , mi-ar fi placut sa fiu perla . Sa ma pot ascunde intr-o scoica . Daca as fi fost muza , mi-ar fi placut sa fiu  Thalia . Sa fiu  mereu o gluma. Daca as fi fost o stea , mi-ar fi placut sa fiu Steaua Polara. Sa  fiu calauza drumurilor. Daca as fi  fost culoare, mi-ar fi placut sa fiu  verde ! Sa fiu o adiere mereu….. Dar sunt doar EU  !  Si pentru a fi un intreg , am pretins din toate cate  putin …..nimic special .
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K9j-3-1vgU&feature=related

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Whatever for Whoever

De ce sa, NU, cind as putea sa, DA?

Be Inspired..!!

Listen to your inner self..it has all the answers..

Bogdan DUCA

Pentru ca în viitor nu vreau să se spună "Acele timpuri au fost întunecate pentru că până și el a tăcut"...

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