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  •    In the summertime , when the weather is high
  •  You can streach right up and touch the sky
  •  When the weather is fine  , you got women
  •  You got women on your mind
  •  have a drink , have a drive
  •  Go out and see what you can find
  •  If her daddy’s rich , take her out for a meal
  •  If her daddy’s is poor , just do what you feel
  •  have a  drink , have a drive….:):)
  • http://www.youtube.com/v/3sgrPXP1n2E&hl=en




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          The soundtrack album is an imperesive collection that stand on its one aport from the film . It futures a wide swath  of American music both new and old that touches upon soul , rock , folk and jazz , including ” The story ” a new song by  NORAH JONES .

         A sultry vocalist and pianist developed her unique blend of  jazz and traditional vocal pop with hints of  bluesy country  and contemporary folk due in large part to  her unique  upbringing .

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Educate yourself , remember knowledge is power .

Cross train yourself  ;  You  should never have only one foot to stand on .

Learn how to drive a stick shift well , swim , ski , horseback ride , play tennis  !

If  you want to work on  your body  think ballet or better yet yoga .

You never know when , or who , will invite you to  an outing  , always be prepared  , Norma .

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    Zorii , zorii !

   Tanara dimineata , cu picioarele goale in roua si bratele goale pe cer , scutura   voiniceste , scutura nebuneste ciresul  ‘nalt al zorilor !! Scutura , scutura cirese coapte…cad  grindini , grindini  de margean  ; Sa aiba  toate  buzele cirese  si toate lucrurile cercei !

 Copilaria  cu genunchii zgariati m-ar fi calauzit pretutindeni , din pom in pom , ca pe un fluture urias , prin potecile  ascunse ale  verii !



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Cum va place ??

  Moda de vara  ne da  batai de ….picioare ! Un ochi de artist  sa zica :   Happy feet???

                                                        or   A leg up ????

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